Mass Effect Andromeda - Early Impressions

Mass Effect Andromeda - Early Impressions
March 16, 2017

UPDATE (July 2017): With over a month and over 60 hours into the game, I am still working my way through the game and taking my time. Full opinions on the game to come once I have finished it. Quick overall thoughts: Far too buggy and not as good as the previous games. Some underwhelming writing and animation. But overall I am still really loving the game.

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The Mass Effect Andromeda trial came out via Origin Access' "Play First" scheme last night, offering 10 hours of play in the lead-up to its full launch on the 21st. And my love for Mass Effect is so strong that I have sidelined playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for now (I'll still get some playtime in here and there thanks to the Switch's portable nature).

So far I have been able to play about 4 hours of the game and my excitement and desire to talk about this game demands I write up my thoughts so far...