Flat Life Animation


Flat Life - The Buddha Strikes Back (TV Pilot)

A project that originally began as a webcomic a long time ago eventuallu evolved into this animated TV Pilot that was entered into the New York Television Festival. Following some alarming behaviour from their flat mate after one too many violent video games, 3 friends devise a plan to expose Art Hooper to the joys of Viva Pinata.


Created by - Lee Swain Dan Liles

Produced by - Lee Swain

Associate Producer - Dan Liles

Written and Animated by - Lee Swain & Dan Liles

Original Music & Sound Design - John Des Marais

VOICE ACTING (in order of importance)

Marcelo Pimentel as Art Hooper

John Des Marais as Kurt Holland

Heather Davis as Natasha Lenchantin

Lee Swain as Seth Neary


Viva Pinata

© 2007 Microsoft Corporation. All Rights Reserved


All Music Except Viva Pinata & Also Sprach Zarathustra

© 2007 John Des Marais. All Rights Reserved

Everything else -

© 2007 Lee Swain & Dan Liles

© 2017 Kung Fu Circus social